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Ayoga and Sailing with Alberto!

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Your ayoga and sailing holiday of exploration and connection, where the sea and yoga come together to create unforgettable memories!

Your experience

Imagine a yoga holiday on a sailboat, a week of pure wellness and relaxation, sailing among the beautiful Pontine islands.

Every day begins with an early morning yoga practice, as the sun rises over the horizon and the sea calms the senses.

The lessons take place in breathtaking natural settings, on secluded beaches or on board the boat, lulled by the sound of the waves.

Why choose us

Our yoga teacher: Alberto, has recently opened a yoga school in the center of Milan, where he shares traditional yoga teachings received in India enriched by further studies with Simon Borg Oliver, a master with decades of experience, which has the mission to make the practice of yoga accessible and effective for all.  

Happy guests: We will surprise, entertain and pamper you. Your satisfaction is our goal, always.

Our skippers: thanks to our exclusive Skipper Academy our skippers are prepared, welcoming and passionate. Just great!

Who is it for

Our sailing yoga holiday is a unique and intimate experience, designed for a small group of 10 travelers. 

With just one boat, we guarantee a cozy and family atmosphere, where each participant can enjoy personalized attention and a sense of community.

Program highlights

Throughout the day, the boat sails between the Pontine Islands after taking the moorings off the magnificent Gaeta, offering the opportunity to explore hidden and unspoiled places, snorkel in the crystal clear waters or just relax in the sun.

Every evening, a second yoga practice at sunset closes the day, accompanied by the warm colors of the sky and the sea breeze.

In addition to yoga practices, there will be spaces dedicated to the philosophy of yoga, where participants can deepen their understanding of yogic teachings, discuss meditation, breathing and healthy lifestyle. Conversations take place in an informal and relaxed environment, fostering sharing and mutual learning.


This experience is a unique opportunity to reconnect with yourself and nature, immersing yourself in a slower and more conscious rhythm of life, away from the daily chaos. The combination of sailing, yoga and yogic philosophy creates a transformative journey that regenerates body and mind.

This holiday is open to all, regardless of the level of experience in yoga. The practices are also accessible to beginners, while the content and information offered are rich and stimulating for those who already practice or teach yoga.
Join us for a week of total wellness, exploration and connection, where the sea and yoga come together to create unforgettable memories!

Additional informations

Not included in the price:
"EXTRA Expenses" total 200-300 €.

Of which
• Starter Pack of 150€ to be paid after booking

• Cambusa
• Moorings in port
• Tourist tax
• Deposit of the boat

STARTER PACK What does it include?

• Reduction of the security deposit on the boat insurance
• Tender and outboard engine
• Cockpit cushions
• Welcome gadgets

During the week we will stay overnight, weather conditions permitting, mainly under the stars at anchor.

Instead, we will sleep in port on the days when we should make supplies or the weather was adverse.

The itinerary and events are indicative and subject to possible changes depending on weather conditions and safety.

The skipper is excluded from all holiday expenses.







at 11:00


at 09:00


Penisola Gaetana, 04024, Gaeta LT


  • Yacht
  • Skipper
  • Yoga teacher
  • Windart Gadgets

Not included

  • Travel to and from the harbor
  • Galley
  • Fuel
  • Harbors

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