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Costiera Cilentana Adventure ℰ Fun Flottiglia

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Costiera Cilentana Adventure ℰ Fun Flottiglia

A trip for real… not just a vacation!

Your experience

We are in… Cilento!

Here unspoilt nature reigns supreme, history and myth are intertwined and the chaos of everyday life leaves room for a slow and relaxed life… to enjoy every single moment.

Here comes to life our sailing trip, where we will be travelers and companions of adventure.

Join us for a unique experience in the flotilla, where the pleasure of sailing blends with fun and the company of new friends. 

Every day will be an unforgettable experience in a piece of Italian coast that welcomes 13 Blue Flags, recognized Unesco World Heritage and home of the Mediterranean diet.

Whether you are an experienced sailor or your first experience does not matter, get ready to discover the Cilento with full sails, with the wind in your hair and a smile in your heart.

“When a stranger comes to the South he cries twice: when he arrives and when he leaves” while we have fun drinking on!

Why choose us

Happy Guests: we surprise, entertain, listen and pamper you. Your satisfaction is our goal, always.
Our Skippers: thanks to our unique Skipper Academy our skippers are prepared, welcoming and passionate. Simply fantastic!
Tailor-made events: we are not satisfied with the usual events, we follow our creativity to offer you the magic of different and surprising experiences.

Who is it for

A mini flotilla s with a group of travelers and sailors like you.

Solo travelers or a group of friends, whether you are an experienced sailor or at your first experience no matter we have seats for everyone.

From 30 to 50 years old, sailing enthusiasts or the first experience in the middle of the sea: this route is designed for those who want to connect with the sea and the nature while relaxing and celebrate new friendships made under the sun.

Program highlights

We will sail together exploring the most beautiful places along the Cilento coast from Punta Licosa to the Bay of Infreschi, from Cape Palinuro to the Bay of Buon Dormire.

A perfect mix for those who love pristine landscapes, crystal clear waters and evenings under the stars surrounded by a relaxed and authentic atmosphere


A team of local people will propose every day a program designed with the aim of enjoying eyes, heart and ... palate.

How? with the formula Adventure Fun.

This holiday is ideal for those who want the right mix of relaxation and fun!

Along this coast, more than 100 km long, we will explore Punta Licosa, where legend tells of the sirens who tried to seduce Ulysses. We will admire the Scoglio del Coniglio and visit Castellabate, famous for its motto "Here you will not die" thanks to its timeless beauty (and made famous by the movie Welcome to the South). We will dive into the green waters of the Bay of Infreschi, a protected marina and we will see how in a few meters the crystal clear sea of the Blue Grotto leaves room for other completely different colors of the Blood Grotto.  

Sailing in a sea rich in history and Blue Flags, the Cilento boasts 13 Blue Flags, confirming one of the most famous coastal areas of Italy for the quality of the sea.

We could go on to describe every single place we see, but the joy you breathe and the food you taste down there must be experienced live.

I wouldn’t wait any longer, whoever comes last pays the price.

Additional informations

Not included in the price
• Moorings
• Tourist tax
• Deposit of the boat
• Starter Pack of 150 € to be paied after booking, by secure payment.

What does the Starter Pack include?
• Reduction of the security deposit on the boat insurance
• Organization of flotilla events and support staff
• Tender and outboard engine
• Set of sheets and towels
• Cockpit cushions
• Windartl sailing mug
• Windartl yuta bag
• Windart bracelet

Boat deposit. What does it mean?
All hulls are covered by Kasco insurance. The insurance includes a deductible, reduced thanks to the Starter Pack, which varies depending on the model between 500 € and 800 € which will be distributed among all people on board and paid to the charter before departure to security deposit to cover any damage; at the end of the holiday the security deposit will be typed in the absence of damage.

The itinerary and events are indicative and subject to possible changes depending on weather conditions and safety. The skipper is excluded from all holiday expenses.

More questions? Go to our FAQS (there will be a link)


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Via Salvador Allende, 84131 Salerno SA


  • Yacht
  • Skipper
  • Events and parties

Not included

  • Travel to and from the harbor
  • Galley
  • Starter pack

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