We do it togheter, we do it better!

Our Core Values

We are Windarters: we come from all over Italy, from different backgrounds and experiences, but we have one thing in common: the passion for sailing!
We are a Community of more than 70 people and we are expanding! We are Skippers, Instructors, Staff, Event Managers, DJs, Content Creators, Artists and more. We share the values of Windart and want to make sailing accessible to everyone.
We strive to provide our guests with the best experience onboard and on land, we have fun and we are crazy in love with sailing!

Loyality and commitment

We respect Windart Ventures’ values, choices, decisions, and assets. We are committed to represent the company and to promote a positive image of Windart through our behaviour and actions.

Inclusion & Teamwork

We value others, their experiences, contributions, differences. We believe that this diversity is our richness, and we encourage kind, inclusive language and an open atmosphere where everyone is respected and safe to express themselves. We always have each other’s back!


We believe in clear, transparent and respectful communication. This is key onboard while maneuvering and more generally to create a safe and engaging environment. It makes it easier to see and understand decisions and actions onboard and offboard, and promotes a common understanding.

Emotions Management

We are passionate in what we do, but we also value the ability to manage our own emotions. Balancing our energies, the requests from guests, the support we provide our teammates, difficult weather conditions etc. can be challenging… but we strive to ensure self-awareness and balanced behaviours within the team and with our guests.

Safety First

We are aware of the cruciality of safety when onboard, and we strive to put in place all the necessary measures, decisions and explanations to ensure the safety of our guests and of our boats, so that we can provide you with the best sailing experience you will ever have.


We behave professionally and respect our role and duties. We represent a model of integrity while working and encourage others to do the same, showing our experience, morality and respect in our words and actions.

Guest Care

We care about each other and will go the extra mile to ensure our guests are happy and satisfied with Windart experiences. Windarters are open, welcoming, we use kind and inclusive language, and our actions reflect our words. We do our best to ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime!

love for Nature

We are in love with nature – particularly with the sea! We want to share with you the wonders and the adventures nature can offer us, respecting the environment and minimizing our impact.


Do you recognize yourself in the Community description and would like to be a part of it?
We are waiting for you! Depending on your profile and skills, you may find your path in Windart.

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