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Fun & Party

An unforgettable week where the dj plays the last!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate party sailing experience, where every moment is infused with electrifying energy and the thrill of creating unforgettable connections.

Join us on a sailing route designed to ignite your senses, forge new friendships, and indulge in endless nights of music, entertainment, and celebration.

Dive into an ocean of music and show parties, where Windart DJs will play on the water and will spin an eclectic mix of beats, setting the perfect ambiance for dancing under the starry night sky.

Epic Water Parties:

Our raft parties will let you Sail into a realm of unforgettable moments, where the waves echo with the energy of epic water parties.

Social Connection:

Forge meaningful bonds as you share the deck with fellow sailors, creating a social connection that lasts beyond the horizon.

Electrifying Entertainment:

Feel the pulse of the sea as electrifying entertainment sets the stage, creating an atmosphere alive with excitement and rhythm.

Music Cruise Fun:

Let the sea be your dancefloor, as the music cruise fun unfolds, transforming the sailing experience into a harmonious blend of beats and waves.

Night Sky Revelry:

Underneath the starlit canvas, indulge in night sky revelry, as the sailing adventure becomes a canvas for celestial celebrations.

Our experiences

Any date

Split Archipelago Flotilla Festival – 40 to 55 y/o

10 Aug
17 Aug




The most Party and Fun Flotilla of your summer!

€ 879

Let us know if you want to become a protagonist in our experiences!

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