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Barbecue and dinghys on Lake Caldonazzo, a weekend of real Windarters!

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The weekend with Windart you’ve been waiting for!

Your experience

A weekend in the company of all* members of the Windart Community and the Windart Team… an opportunity to meet, socialize, consolidate special friendships and spend quality time together!

Why choose us

We really have to tell you?!?! ;)

Who is it for

Members of the Windart Community and Windart Team.
Friends, Girlfriends, girlfriends and boyfriends... anyone is welcome!

Program highlights

Guests of the University Nautical Center of Lake Caldonazzo, we will have at our disposal the grill area and all the outdoor spaces with the beach volleyball court, the lawn to relax, the common tables, the billiards and the dinghies to make edges and sail from fear!

We meet in the morning to continue with a lunch all grilled coordinated by our Federico.

Everyone* brings with them what they want to drink and what they want to share... let’s make a great Galley together!

For those who want to stay overnight... we set up tents on the lakeside lawn and we fully enjoy nature and the starry sky... perfectly in Windart Style!





at 11:00


at 17:00


Via delle spiagette, 7, 38057 Valcanover TN


  • Chef on site
  • Food on grill
  • Fun and friends!

Not included

  • Drinks
  • Campng equipment
  • Sport equipment

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